Understanding Health Issues Faced by Homeless Individuals in Travis County, Texas

As an expert on homelessness issues in Travis County Texas it is important to understand what health issues are most common among this population. Drug use disorders are one of the most common issues faced by homeless individuals in Travis County. Mental health disorders such as depression and anxiety are also prevalent among this population. Skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis can be exacerbated by living on the streets due to lack of access to proper hygiene products and medical care.

Hypertension is another common issue among homeless individuals due to poor nutrition and lack of access to medical care. The University of Texas at Austin's Dell School of Medicine has partnered with CommunityCare Health Centers and Integral Care to launch a mobile care team that provides healthcare services to homeless individuals wherever they are located. This team is prioritizing enrollment of black individuals due to systemic racism being one of the causes of homelessness across America. The team has found that their program has been effective in reducing adverse mental health problems and decreasing emergency room visits among those enrolled in their program.

Integral Care also works with Austin Police Department and Austin-Travis County Emergency Service to connect those living on the streets with housing services as well as mental and primary healthcare services such as alcohol and drug treatment programs. Mental illness can be a protective factor against homelessness as those with chronic psychiatric disorders may be eligible for federal income from disability benefits or Medicaid services which can provide housing assistance. It is essential for organizations working with homeless individuals in Travis County Texas to understand what health issues are most common among this population so that they can provide adequate resources for those affected by homelessness. By recognizing the most common health issues faced by homeless people in Travis County, organizations can better serve this vulnerable population and help them get the care they need.

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